The North Musgrave Project

The North Musgrave Project comprises a single tenement (E69/2362) located in the north Musgrave region in central-eastern Western Australia. The tenement has an area of about 155 km2 and is easily accessed by the Gunbarrel Highway (Figure 5).

The tenement covers a portion of the van der Linden palaeochannel that flowed from north to south across prospective rocks of the Amadeus Basin. Calcrete has been mapped within the portion of the palaeochannel covered by tenement E69/2362 and is co-incident with a strong radiometric anomaly (Figure 5). The possibility that this anomaly is associated with a Yeelirrie-style, calcrete-hosted uranium deposit will be tested by surface geochemical sampling and drilling subsequent to the granting of tenure. Drilling will be constrained by geophysical surveying.

North Musgrave is a greenfields project in a poorly explored region, but the recent announcement of significant exploration drillhole intersections, including 0.85 m  at 2,900 ppm cU3O8, in a palaeochannel draining north across the Amadeus Basin and into Lake Mackay (ASX: TOE Release 27 August 2012), suggests that the potential of the region may soon be realised.

Figure 5. The North Musgrave Project tenement E69/2362 is shown relative to the inferred palaeodrainage line, mapped calcrete and U2/Th anomalies